Most people set out under the impression that solid wood is the best choice when it comes to flooring, but the opposite is true. Solid wood is incredibly vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature – for example, central heating in the winter or open windows in the summer – and will cause the material to expand and contract.

When this happens, solid wood will respond to the changing levels of humidity by expanding or contracting. The low humidity in the winter will cause the boards to shrink, which is how gaps appear, whereas the increase in moisture during the summer months will soak into the wood and cause it to expand, potentially causing it to come away from the floor.

However, engineered wood offers a solution to this problem. Not only is it stronger than solid wood due to its other added elements, it is also resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuation. In this way, it is the far superior choice and will last a long time in your home without being compromised by exterior elements.

If you’re ready to place an order for engineered walnut floorboards for your kitchen, look online for a reputable supplier who will deliver them straight to your door. The product should be easy to assemble, with careful instructions included. Remember to measure the width, length and depth of the area to ascertain the amount of flooring you need to purchase.